Side Effects of Aygestin

Aygestin is a drug containing norethindrone, a progestogen that can be used to treat various conditions. Besides the dosage and the general instructions given by the doctor, the side effects are an equally important part that demands the full attention of the person of the person given the medicine. Following is a complete reference to every one of them, from the most common to the rare ones:

  • ♦ Nausea (weak feeling), cramps in the stomach and vomiting.
  • ♦ Sense of itching on the skin.
  • ♦ Pain or swelling in the breast area.
  • ♦ Sudden body weight changes.
  • ♦ Noticeable change of the skin tone (becoming darker).

side effectsThere are also some side effects that require medical attention. They have been documented in a very small number of cases, but still, they have to be reported as potential occurrences:

  • ♦ Feeling of weakness or numbness, especially when it is located on only one side of the body.
  • ♦ Headache or even migraine, vision and/or speech problems, severe pain behind the eyes, balance issues.
  • ♦ Swelling or feeling of pain in one leg or both.
  • ♦ Swelling in feet or hands, accompanied by a fast increase of the body weight.
  • ♦ Stomach ache, nausea, sudden change of urine color (turning dark), yellowing of eyes or skin (jaundice), loss of appetite, low fever.
  • ♦ Pain in the chest that spreads to the shoulders or arms.
  • ♦ Signs of depression (sudden mood changes, feeling of weakness, and inability of normal sleep).

All of the above are the known side effects of Aygestin. Just like every other drug, people who choose to use it should be fully aware of them. However, the aforementioned lists should not act as a reason to avoid it. It is an obligation of every company that wants to operate according to the highest level of professionalism to make them known and always remind to the public that it’s ignorance and not awareness that causes troubles.